Rent Six Apartments in Luxor westbank.

Ever since my first visit to Egypt, in 2004, I have been fascinated by the incredible charms of this country. I wanted to return in order to see whether the magic would work again . . . and again . . .
And then, in 2007, I met someone who became very important to me, Mohammed, who, in the course of my visits, has become not just “my taxi,” but my friend . . .

The blue of the Nile, the bright green of the sugar-cane fields, the celadon shades of the date palms, the ochre yellow of the Theban mountains, the majestic temples, the richly-decorated tombs: I adore Luxor!
I love its open-air museum, its oriental sensations, I love the light foam on the Nile at dawn, the Koftas and the local Stella beer, and above all, the people! Luxor ana nebrik.
All of Egypt guarantees that you will experience the precious presence of the sun. Welcome to the country that invented sun worship.

From the Valley of the Kings to the ballet of feluccas on the Nile, Luxor promises a giant-screen spectacle with no intermission!

Welcome to Luxor!

I created this site to help you better plan your trip to the land of the pharaohs. It is also my goal to help my friends Mohammed and Ragab, and through them the settlements at Ramla and Gezira (on the West Bank of the Nile). Mohammed and Ragab speak English well; Mohammed also speaks French. These are trustworthy men, very warm and completely honest. If you are interested in Mohammed's taxs service or in one of the suites (apartments) in the two villas, please e-mail me by clicking on the Contact menu below (or the e-mail address at the bottom of this page).
I will pass on your requests to Mohammed and Ragab and then contact you with confirmation. I do not handle payments, which can be made directly to Mohammed or Ragab in Luxor.
I continue to update this site with as much information as possible to help you on your Egyptian pilgrimage.It is my sincere hope that the site be warm and welcoming, in a spirit of respect for the local population; if I succeed, it will be thanks to you, your advice and your comments. I hope that these pages will inspire you to discover the many wonders—known and less-known—of Luxor and its West Bank.
If I have succeeded in convincing you, please take this advice: take your time to explore and savor this town! And don't forget that, from Alexandria to Aswan, not forgetting Cairo, this country offers many other wonders as well! Pascal Pelletier.

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